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Dyal Singh College Principal sent on ‘indefinite leave’ after graft charges by Chairman

Wed, 26/09/2018 - 12:52:39 IST
Dyal Singh College Principal sent on ‘indefinite leave’

Dyal Singh College Principal sent on ‘indefinite leave’

NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 26: The Governing Body of Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi, has asked the College Principal, Dr I S Bakshi to go on an ‘indefinite leave’ in the light of various irregularity charges against him. Meanwhile, the College Governing Body, has asked Prof Pawan Kumar Shrama, the Principal of Dyal Singh Evening College to take over the charge of the Morning college, too. Amitabh Sinha, the Dyal Singh College Governing Body Chairman has also decided to initiate inquiry against the Dr Bakshi over the administrative and financial irregularities.

However, Dr Bakshi refuted all these corruption charges levelled against him by the college governing body. The Dyal Singh College Principal was quoted saying, “Blatant lies were being spread against me by Amitabh Sinha. Mr Sinha has always flouted rules and ridiculed me in front of others.”

Even as the Chairman claimed that Dr Bakshi had nullified the election when Rohan Awana was elected as College Union President. Rohan in a written statement, before the college governing body has alleged that Dr I S Bakshi had also threatened to rusticate him.

Rebutting all such charges, Dyal Singh College Principal said, “I had never made such statements. Rohan Awana had flouted the election code of conduct and the college election committee had nullified his election. Moreover, the Chairman had intervened and revoked the order and called a governing body meeting on Monday.”

Dr Bakshi further added, “I was informed about the Monday meeting, not before Sunday and was also asked to suspend all academic and non-academic activities for Monday, which I refused.”

What happened on Monday at Dyal Singh College campus?

On Monday morning of September 24, the students, faculties and working staff and even the Dr I S Bakshi, the College Principal himself stood outside the college gate, caught by surprise as they were denied entries by the private bouncers of the College Chairman.

To their utter surprise, an official notification was put on the College Main Gate, declaring the Monday, a holiday, which was previously suggested by the chairman Amitabh Sinha to the College Principal. Dr Bakshi had refused to declare the day off on the grounds that Sinha was issuing ‘unilateral dictates’.

One of the Dyal Singh College faculty was quoted saying, “The holiday was due to a spontaneous governing body meeting called by Sinha, the chairman of the college governing body. Students, faculty and staff started pouring in from 8 am. Since they were denied entry inside the college, they sat drenched in the rain, waiting for clarification. I completely fail to understand why such a meeting would be called instantly and why we need a day off for such a meeting. We have had governing body meetings in the past; we don’t have to sacrifice students’ classes for it. By doing this today, the chairman is just trying to showcase his power over the college.”

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