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Hughes Education introduces online proctoring platform for working executives

Wed, 13/06/2018 - 16:47:45 IST

NEW DELHI, JUNE 13: Hughes Global Education has announced the launch of its fifth generation online assessment platform; for IOL platform in India. Aimed at ensuring a fair, equal and standardized opportunity for each student, the new assessment platform comes equipped with inbuilt monitoring and recording features, developed to address the growing need of proctoring requirements across various partner institutions.

The assessment platform is intelligent enough equipped with semi AI features, it will not only capture data from audio and video feeds, but is also capable of detecting movements/noise, background distractions, and use of unfair means like collaborative cheating.

Commenting on the launch, Partho Banerjee, President, and Managing Director, Hughes Communications India Ltd. (HCIL), the parent company of HGEIL, stated, “We are very happy to announce the new generation AOL-5G platform in India, exclusively delivered & developed in-house by Hughes Global Education. Hughes has been the pioneer in technology-based learning, with path breaking innovations and models for last 16 years, and with the introduction of this new advanced platform equipped with best in class online proctoring capabilities, we look forward to bringing an unmatched advantage to both partner institution and students with fair and ethical assessments. The system will also be a game changer in Direct To Desktop based synchronous learning initiative.”

The system also couples with an advanced online assessment system. Students will be able to view answered, unanswered and marked for review questions in the grid while attempting the examination. The program also aims at reducing accidental closures by students as coordinator can only close the window through password.

Further, proctor module will allow the programme to capture multiple streams of data. On detection of any event beyond permissible limits, the platform will raise an automatic flag for further checking to concerned authorities. Once the student exits the AOL platform, the platform will automatically restore all features disabled as part of the assessment.

Hughes Global Education has collaborated with reputed institutions in India such as the IITs, IIMs, IIFT, XLRI and others to offer online education and training programs on a large scale including specialized courses for working executives across Leadership, Management, Banking, and Finance areas.

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